Trusted advisers to Executive Directors and Boards who have chosen to engage at higher levels of strategic planning.


You may not have a cape or a superhero mask, but you are driven by a cause, purpose, and passion to use your powers for the good of your world.
Unleashing you to tackle your projects with the most efficiency and tenacity is our cause.
We are your partners in developing strategic plans which give you better oversight while also giving you more time to focus "on" the organization instead of working "in" it.

Successful organizations understand the benefits of working with a strategic planning consultant who can help them identify and achieve the best opportunities for growth with the best use of resources.

An experienced strategy consultant brings a fresh and independent perspective, as well as a proven planning process to support smart decision making.
The Innovative Strategic Plan (ISP)
can be for a special project or for your full organization.
  • Create market advantages over the competition
  • Fast, accurate, and actionable plans
  • Alleviate undesirable consequences and repeat positive ones
  • Cut costs, increase funds, and gain time with more insight and control
  • Measure and track implementation and financial objectives
  • Enhance the morale and productivity of your teams
Value Partnership:
This is a relationship and J and L Consulting Group is your non-equity partner helping manage activities and processes to systematically coordinate, align, and resource the ISP. 
We help organizations identify support for their plans, contribute resources to get them started, helps them market their initiatives,  and provides an infrastructure that improves the individual or organization’s chances of success.    

Through strategic thinking and holistic organizantional development, we partner with non-profit organizations to maximize their potential and increase the overall health of communities.


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