Trusted advisers to Executive Directors and Boards who have chosen to engage at higher levels of strategic planning.


Successful organizations understand the benefits of working with a strategic planning consultant who can help them identify and achieve the best opportunities for growth with the best use of resources.

An experienced strategy consultant brings a fresh and independent perspective, as well as a proven planning process to support smart decision making.
The Innovative Strategic Plan (ISP)
can be for a special project or for your full organization.
  • Create market advantages over the competition
  • Fast, accurate, and actionable plans in days, not months
  • Alleviate undesirable consequences and repeat positive ones
  • Cut costs, increase funds, and gain time with more insight and control
  • Measure and track implementation and financial objectives
  • Enhance the morale and productivity of your teams
Value Partnership:
This is a relationship and J and L Consulting Group is your non-equity partner helping manage activities and processes to systematically coordinate, align, and resource the ISP.     

Through strategic thinking and holistic business development, we partner with non-profit organizations to maximize their potential and organically increase the overall health of communities.


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