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Johnny Michael Furlong

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Johnny Furlong brings 21 years of knowledge, experience, connection to people, culture, and love for Alaska, in the following disciplines.

• Operations Management - nonprofit and forprofit

• Business Creation/Repair/Development

• People Management

• Executive Account Management

• Strategic Planning and execution

• Sales and Marketing

• Distribution

Johnny’s leadership for improving operational management systems, developing new programs, and best practices have lasting effects.


These results have reduced workplace injuries and turnover <%75, reduced damage claims by %95, and reduced fuel costs in rural Alaska by %50. His teams have exceeded quarterly sales goals up to %72 and annual sales goals %1 to%12.

Johnny was a Major Account Manager for rural Alaska comprising of 235 accounts making up <20% of Alaska’s sales. Johnny became a trusted advisor to Owners, Executives, and Managers. 


As a Personnel Consultant in the Oil & Gas industry, Johnny sourced high talent and added value through understanding what his clients needed both in skill and best fit for the company culture. 

As Station Manager, Johnny was privileged to manage all station operations for a 20-30M aviation freight carrier in rural Alaska. Covering 23 Alaskan communities and working with 4 hub stations, Johnny established a functional team of 25 staff, streamlined processes, increased employee strength, customer satisfaction, and grew market shares. 

Johnny has managed daily inventories of up to $55M+ and up to 250 staff in the capacity of Operations Manager. Johnny brings a people-first style that has proven to increase safety, productivity, morale, tenure, and customer service while reducing costs and inefficiencies.

Contact us today and speak with Johnny to discover how J and L Consulting Group can partner with you to strategically plan and set your organization free to reach high levels of productivity and growth.

Lacey Ann Furlong

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“Initially the Business Diagnostic showed $200k  in profit leakage which had me skeptical. Our  Strategic Consultant Partner has been with
us for 8 months now and we are absolutely on track to find the $200k over the next 12 months. The Productivity
strategies alone have given us a 10% lift. We have asked our Strategic Consultant
 Partner to join our board.”

“We had a very unfair and onerous lease. Our Strategic Consultant Partner researched the lease and found it had no
personal guarantees and was in the name of a dormant entity allowing us to relocate and walk away with no
repercussions. Saved us $20k per month, $400k over the next 2.5 years and this was from our first meeting!”

“The Business Diagnostic came up with $174k  Iin profit leakage which sounded a bit high. We have introduced several strategies that
have us on track for $254k for the first year with our Strategic Consultant Partner

We worked on waste savings and productivity improvement strategies that so far have us on track for $316k in
additional profits in our first year of working together.” 





Johnny is a very hard working, solution-oriented person and was able to use his corporate skills for our Alaska Markets. Johnny is not afraid to provide best advice... I cannot remember a time when Johnny missed a major deadline that was requested from him. 

Johnny excels at organizing, strategic planning, and running operations. He always has a plan and is very good at executing it as well as engaging the employees in order to get the most out of them. He is professional, hardworking, knowledgeable, and collaborative.  

Johnny has taken our  department that was heavy with inventory, yet empty on the shelves, and streamlined it actulizing an additional  $84K in profit.

“It is my distinct privilege to recommend Johnny Furlong. I have worked with him for the past year and have seen in him a shining example of integrity. His experience in working to help place people in this business has been my basis for learning the business. He inspires confidence and builds creditability with his clients and candidates.

 Johnny's professionalism, diligence, honesty, and good nature made him not only easy to work with but much easier than any of his competition. His reliable attention to detail and ability to read people allowed me to rely on him more than anyone else. The work he did for my organization was almost always on target with what we needed, and he never wasted my time like so many others do. The reason I used his firm was completely because of Johnny's effort. 



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