Strategic planning and consulting

We are Business Strategy Consultants for small to medium enterprises.

We work with Owners and CEO's who have chosen to operate at higher levels of innovative strategic planning to improve profit, growth, and the value of their organizations.  

Our customers are Alaskan SMEs which are led by ambitious, creative, and dedicated business leaders who are looking to maximize their organizations potential and understand the value and necessity of Strategic Planning to differentiate their business and win. 


Our value offering provides skilled Business Strategy Consultants who also understand the unique challenges of Alaska and Arctic business development. We bring the knowledge and tools to address those challenges while helping improve people, processes, and products/services.


As non-equity partners, we manage the ongoing activities and processes to systematically coordinate, align, and resource the Strategic Plan. With our system, the team utilizes our strategy software at multiple-levels empowering them to successfully execute tasks with more autonomy.


With detailed reporting and tracking of the business, the Leader can oversee the Strategic Plan’s execution and management more efficiently and for less time.

Our value is reflected and verifiable with other metrics, including the increased profits from the Strategic Plan execution. 

Our system is unique by meeting these 3 challenges for businesses regarding Strategic Planning: 

  1. We Provide specific Strategic Planning software w/ task management 

  2. We save time a business would need to research, develop, and lead their organization’s Strategic Plan 

  3. Provide specialized skills and resources for Strategic Planning and Business Development 

What does a Strategic Plan do? 

  1. Provides layers of safety and predictability 

  2. Empowers you to understand and address business challenges 

  3. Empowers your team and aligns strengths and skills with tasks 

  4. Enables systematic means to better plan and execute 

  5. Measuring and Tracking provides validation and signal opportunities 

  6. Helps alleviate undesirable consequences and repeat positive ones 

What does a Business Strategy Consultant do? 

  1. We are a non-equity business partner with the experience, skills, and tools to help you navigate the Strategic Plan 

  2. Keep the business on track with the Strategic Plan execution 

  3. Analysis of financial performance 

  4. Act as a navigator for best practices and processes 

  5. A firm but a fair partner who has your best interest at heart 



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